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Third Quarter has a two fold approach to business. We began as a firm that worked directly with the financial services industry. As times changed so did we, our support of the financial industry hasn’t wavered but we have added a focus on equipping families and individuals as well. We know in today’s world, finances are only one measure of wealth. Let us help you define true wealth and map your plan to allow you to reach your goals.


Financial Industry

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How we help

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We help you discover a new perspective for your business so you can grow it.

Rising at midnight and appearing at its highest point in the bright sky at dawn, the opportunity to view the half illuminated third quarter moon is missed by most casual observers. Similarly, we believe being open to new opportunities and viewing your business with a new perspective, leads to organic growth of your business and greater influence on your clients.

Are you committed to being the trusted partner to the constituents you serve? Let us help.

With our services, you will identify and enhance your purpose, passion, perspective and performance and you can discover relevant content, coaching and community to assist in building a more-productive business and deeper relationships.

We offer:

* Proven Growth Programs

* Unique Content Creation

* Focused Coaching Services (1:1 and 1:many)

Third Quarter Advisers is a consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders improve their organizations' health while offering strategic best practices and coaching solutions to c-suite individuals, corporations, family offices and charities.


Education & Planning

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It can be said we are what we know. We are here to help you find the correct tools to plan for your journey.




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Legacy is important to all of us but when do you begin creating yours? Is it ever too early? Too late? We will all leave behind a legacy, why not be intentional about yours. We work with you to help you define what is important and build a plan to help you be intentional. Below is a link to see how others have been intentional about their legacy.