Our Mission:

engage | encourage | equip

Rising at midnight and appearing at its highest point in the bright sky at dawn, the opportunity to view the half illuminated third quarter moon is missed by most casual observers. Similarly, we believe being open to new opportunities and viewing your business at different times and in different horizons, leads to perspective and true organic growth of your business and greater influence on your clients.

We make a difference in the well-being of wealth managers and are committed to serving the professional who is seeking to be the trusted partner to the clients they serve. 

We do this by identifying and enhancing your purpose, passion, perspective and performance and share relevant content, coaching and community to assist in building a more-productive business and deeper relationships.

Third Quarter Advisers is a consulting firm dedicated to helping financial professionals improve their organizations' health, grow revenues and add assets while offering strategic best practices and coaching services and solutions for c-suite individuals, corporations, family offices and charities.

In addition, we are content experts and authors on organizational health, customer service, engaging the female client, legacy transfer and multi-generational business strategies.



Our programs are designed for individuals and organizations to discover new perspectives in their business and are packed full of relevant, actionable ideas.  You will be equipped to produce new results. These programs can be delivered in person or virtually and are flexible for either a keynote presentation or half-day workshops.  

These topics are relevant to the key areas of your business today that help you lead, build a healthy organization, attract and retain key clients and build a more efficient business.


Adviser Programs

  • Building Life-long, Multi-generational Clients

  • The $14 Trillion Opportunity: Your Guide to Engaging the Female Client

  • Transition Planning for the Silver Tsunami

  • F.I.S.H. Capital

  • Navigating Life’s Transition: Building Wealth From Generation to Generation

  • Your Are Your Brand

  • Selling In Fearful Times

  • Embracing Change

  • Mastering Conflict

  • Your Core personality: Turn Conflicts Into Connections

  • Strengthening Relationships With Female Clients Through Legacy Planning

Client Programs

  • Raising Wealth-Wise Kids: Creating Your Lasting Legacy

  • Your True Legacy: It’s Not Just Your Value, It’s Your Values

If you are interested in a program that you don’t see available let us know. We can customize many programs to your organization’s needs.




Creating lifelong and multigenerational clients may take what landed the client in the first place, a face to face meeting with them in their family room. Dynamics change when we go into a person's personal space and meet them face to face for genuine, purposeful dialogue. Building intimacy is a simple, yet powerful concept.
Introduction of Legacy Planning from Third Quarter Advisers. This client seminar is a natural call to action after wealth professionals attend "The $14 Trillion Opportunity". Designed specifically for your clients, the program reviews the fundamental difference in how male and female investors view wealth and investing.