Face to Face: Creating lifelong & multigenerational clients

How can wealth advisers create lifelong and multigenerational clients today? Focus on intimacy in your business and reap the rewards. Learn why intimacy matters and how to incorporate it in your business today.


The $14 Trillion Dollar Woman: Your Essential Guide to Engaging the Female Client

This book provides a straightforward and practical method for reaching women clients.



Professional money manager, Jim Peters, a committed husband and father of three, is experiencing a critical crisis of confidence, and his typical optimism and resiliency is crumbling. He believes his family’s well-being and his dreams are in jeopardy as he is being pushed out of his job by unscrupulous competition and younger, tech-savvy workers.

On the brink of making costly decisions, Jim is sensing that he’s losing his grip on everything important to him, including his legacy. He is battered by the institutional influences over his life. Jim, however, is about to discover an old way of living that will create a new way of thinking and it will come from a most unusual place.

Through a series of recently discovered historic letters, Jim travels through time. Along his journey, he is given the gifts of perspective, new life, and a renewed spirit. He learns the time-tested secrets to create health, true wealth, and genuine wisdom, re-takes control of his life, and helps lead and transform the lives of his family, friends, colleagues, and community. Legacy Letters is a modern-day parable of one man’s choices and the acquired virtues that create a new life for him.